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The North Kohala Business Directory is bigger and better than ever. It tells us what businesses are in our area. It's beautiful to look at and easy to use. It's actually become a tradition in our community, so each new edition is eagerly awaited and highly valued. We love it! We keep it by the phone all year... Keep up the good work!

Howard & Carol Ann
Residents of North Kohala



The concierges at the Mauna Kea LOVE the directory!  We use this as our “Kohala Bible” - very informative and great way to promote local businesses!!

Nikki Reeves, Lead Concierge
Mauna Kea Beach Hotel


The Kohala Business Directory is so helpful for building our local businesses.  For both visitors and residents alike, it gives a well-organized way to connect with the great resources we have in the area.  With its very high quality printing and graphics, it sparks our ability to "Buy Local".  It's affordable and effective!   

Forrest Arnold, EcoBroker
Hawaii Green Realty.com  
Downtown Hawi, North Kohala, Big Island of Hawaii


The directory is a quick and easy way to find information not only for local people and businesses, but also our valued visitors. The map is a great way to explain where local businesses can be found in the community...

Richard Elliott, Business Owner
Paradise Postal Service, Hawi, HI

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